About Us

Textile Journey is a group of textile artists based or born in Ireland with a purpose of growing together and sharing our skills and projects  between ourselves and with the community. 

We nurture each other through monthly meetings and demonstrations as well as annual outreach programs and exhibitions which contextualise our work and verify our purpose. 

We inspire each other through exploring and sharing processes which we test in experimental work with our communities.

Everything is done through textiles. We realise the central role we need to play as both artists and humans when it comes to understanding heritage, provenance of materials, and the value of creativity in the global climate crisis.

We search for the issues that we face as individuals and as communities and look for learning and connecting experiences which enrich ourselves and others. 

The wealth of knowledge and skills amongst our members make us a robust proposition if you are looking for highly engaged workshop facilitators, artists with inspiring stories, or if you want to showcase work that is authentic and enticing. 

We can offer workshops in sewing, felting, knitting, patchwork, quilting, embroidery,  mending, upcycling, smocking, and lace making. 

We showcase the possibilities of expression through textile art in our annual Textile Journey Festival and Exhibition as well as solo exhibitions and installations. 

Our exhibitions explore themes that bring healing and explore the future of self and community through the ambitious but accessible medium of textile art.