Lisa Wynne

Growing up, Lisa Wynne had always wanted to be a fashion designer. Saturn Cottage Industries is where she now expresses herself through clothing and textiles, while countering the issues that made her fall out of love with the fashion industry. 


Saturn Cottage Industries is a one-woman creative studio, producing treasured items for homes and bodies. By making, herself, in Ireland, using fabric made in Ireland or materials recovered from Irish waste streams, Lisa seeks to demonstrate and develop an alternative to overproduction and invisible labour, and work to mend the environmental and social damage of the fast-fashion industry. Using responsibly sourced materials, each piece is conceived and crafted by the designer in Dublin and sold, online, directly to slow-fashion heirloom collectors. Saturn Cottage Industries is about the heritage of craft, material reuse, and a return to “cottage industry” as a slow, local antidote to wasteful overproduction.


Lisa has an honours degree in fashion design from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship from the UCD Innovation Academy, where she developed the concept, and was awarded best-in-class, for Saturn Cottage Industries. In 2022, Saturn Cottage Industries was selected for the pilot of “Circular by Design”, a first-of-its-kind professional development programme for circular textiles, by Creative Futures Academy, in partnership with NCAD and DCCI. As well as her personal practice, she works with costume designers for film & tv and assists tailoring company, Eden Park, with their outfitting of IRFU players and staff. 


Lisa is an experienced designer, maker, and writer, with a professional background across communications, teaching, and customer service. She speaks English, Irish, and Japanese, reads voraciously, and is a member of Mountaineering Ireland. Dusk is her favourite time of day.


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