Niki Collier

Dublin-based award-winning visual artist & designer working in fibre art and performance. Her work uses scale to spark empathy & empowerment. She disrupts science, art and performance to elevate people in the room to a protagonist. Her practice blends contrasting strands. Warped as an academia makes her relentlessly curious. Grown as disabled person & a woman makes her talk about resilience. Her practice is nurtured by meaningful connections with people with various abilities & from diverse backgrounds. All is done by storytelling and wool.

Most recent project is on Symbols of Mobility which explores bird lore to understand our motion from trauma or devastation. It examines our emotional journey when we need to make allowances for vulnerable humans.

Previously Niki has worked on Fabric of Community.

Empowerment through hats and garments that tell your story.

Celebrations The work profiles the evolving make up of a community through geographical, cultural and personal change.  The artistic conversation is how festivals and customs reflect and manifest this.

The models in each visual narrative are authentic members of the Bulgarian community. They are selected on the basis of their personal connection to a festival, holiday or custom. 

For each scene the artwork in felt is created by Niki to reflect the message about growth, change and strength which is connecting to others. It is a research into what shifts our personal and collective boundaries of empathy, acc­­eptance and strength.