TJ22: Demonstrations

Part of the Textile Journey Festival 2022.

Curious to see how many journeys you can take with a handful of fibres or some old rugs? Join our inspiring panel of artists to see textile making, knitting, weaving and so much more

2pm – 5pm Mon 1st August
Eco dying & knitting with Niki Collier & Tanya Collier

2pm – 5pm Tue 2nd August
Weaving & embroidery with Niki Collier & Eithe Carey

2pm -5 pm Wed 3rd August
Textile making Helene Dooley & Imelda Quinlan

Interactive Felting with August Astrid Tomrop-Hofmann & Cossima Malloy
2pm -5 pm Thursday 4th August

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